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The decisions are tough.

Being single and kind of confused seem tougher.

Falling in love with the wrong person is a pain in the ass.

Misplacing priority might be the most dreaded danger for singles.

Moving away from the place of pain is outrightly difficult even though that is what many advise.

Letting go is never very easy.

Uncertainty about a whole lot of things can drive one crazy especially when it comes to making the right choice in relationship.

Loving a person deeply even though the person is a threat is never going to be an easy journey and it is such a damn painful one!

Yet, one thing stands for sure! Many things can be avoided.

And if we have really fallen flat, we can decide to make the right decision instead of holding to the past!

Singles' web is written to help disentangle webs Singles find themselves in.

Singles will get to identify the webs they probably haven't paid attention to in the search for love and in relationship.

Reading through the content of the book, you get to know the ways to go about finding love and maintaining relationship(s).

The book is written by someone who herself has experienced most of the things listed in the book.

The webs weren't just listed, solutions were provided. Remember knowing the problem isn't enough, knowing the way out is Key.