Never stop impacting lives is the mantra I live on daily.

This has made me not to just invest in myself alone but to see lives blessed too.

To do this, I have given myself out to the success of every singles around me.

I am a relationship coach with seasoned words as the Lord keeps inspiring me. I am an author (still in the business of blessing lives through my writings) of the book Singles' web, a linguist and an English Tutor by profession.

I live to fulfill the vision of building lives!

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As I set my red stiletto graced feet into the auditorium, I set my gaze on the only man whose case brought me here.

I fixed myself a chair right behind the groom’s family at the rear end of the air conditioned auditorium.

“Who would not want us to join the couple together? Speak now or remain silent forever.”

The sweat on Gbade’s face is enough to bath a new born baby. The tension on the bride to be’s shoulder could carry the burden of the world... Read More