My Profile

I am a 24 year old Relationship Coach, award winning writer, budding animator passionate about guiding young people to recognize and maximize their singleness as an opportunity for continuous growth, impact and lifelong friendships. I have shared relevant knowledge and stories on different platforms both online and offline across Africa.

Intentionality is one thing I constantly speak about, little wonder I seek out opportunities to improve myself and skill set every day. I have attended and still attend conferences and trainings on emotional intelligence, communication methods, styles of writing, leadership, business and impact. These have enabled me connect with youths and teens on a much deeper level when I offer guidance. You can find out more about my journey here.

I believe that those who invest in themselves as singles, have the power to create strong families and tightly knitted homes, thereby saving themselves and the next generation from the pains and untold agonies that come from broken homes. So, my work is channeled towards these areas. Whether it is mentoring, coaching, storytelling, making animation or executing projects that address social and relationship issues or enable individuals set better goals for themselves.

I am the founder of Transformed Singles Academy. We organize programs and projects that cut across teenagers and young adults tackling issues relating to self esteem, depression and emotional well being. Some of our initiatives are Transformed singles hangout, an onsite meet-up which happens quarterly and a Transformed Singles WhatsApp group where knowledge, tools and resources are shared biweekly. We are raising a generation of people who are better informed on how to make use of their time as singles and eventually make the right choice for life partners. We also connect people with opportunities for personal development. Join us our ever growing community of singles with a difference here.

Get a copy of my book “Single’s web” here.

In this book, I shared insights on the myths about sex that trend today, how to protect yourself from heartbreaks, why valuing yourself comes first, this book covers it all.

I love to show young people and women how to build healthy self esteem and strive for godly relationships.

I also enjoy teaching how to create graphics and make animations with the simple tool in your hands, whether a smart phone or a laptop. I share knowledge on how to tell powerful stories too, as a student, business person or young professional. The world is going digital and I believe these skills are a must have for anyone who is interested in making impact.

To take the conversation further, I will love to hear from you. Please, send an email to